Neenah Paper Award

We are proud to Partner with Neenah

Neenah Packaging believes the paper you choose to package your products speaks volumes about your brand. As a leading supplier of folding carton, box wrap, labels, gift cards, and carriers, Neenah Packaging produces packaging products that enable brands to create an emotional connection and superior experience for their customers by engaging their senses visually and through the science of touch.

Neenah Packaging partners with some of the most prestigious and forward-thinking global brands, including Amazon and Jack Daniel’s. In collaboration with these brands, Neenah Packaging creates custom packaging solutions designed to successfully build brand equity and meet ROI initiatives.

With the broadest assortment of captivating colors and unique textures, Neenah Packaging helps brands bring design ideas to life. Whether you’re looking for readymade papers, sustainable options or one-of-a-kind custom solutions, Neenah Packaging’s best-in-class service and substrate expertise will help you differentiate your retail packaging at shelf and make that coveted connection with your customers.

Best Use of Paper Award

This year, in partnership with Neenah, we are recognizing the best use of paper in a packaging project. One winner will be handpicked by the Creative Director of Neenah Packaging. Enter either yes or no to using Neenah Paper and automatically be entered to be considered for this exclusive award.