The entry with the highest cumulative score among all entries will be awarded the extremely coveted Best of Show prize. This is the grand winner of the entire competition.


One Editor’s Choice Award will be handpicked by Dieline’s founder Andrew Gibbs.


One studio will be recognized for their collective work and contribution to consumer package design over the past year. This award will be given to the studio, agency, or in-house team that receives the most overall wins across all categories in the Dieline Awards 2019 competition.


One consumer brand will be recognized by the jury for its outstanding overall branding redesign within the past year. One winner will be chosen by the jury, from all rebrand entries, from all categories.


The top scoring project from the Plastic Free Category will be recognized for its outstanding work and contribution to Plastic Free and Biomaterial based package designs over the past year.



You may enter your project in multiple categories.

1. Cereals, bread, pasta, grains, noodles (fresh, dry, or frozen)

Fresh fish, Meat, Poultry, Fruits, Vegetables, Fresh, and Ready-to-eat dishes.

2. Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Fish, Meat, + Poultry (fresh, dry, canned, or frozen)

Cereals, Bread, Pasta, Rice, Grain, Noodles, Frozen food, Canned food, Savory snacks, Nuts, Snack bars, Chips, Crackers, and Convenience food.

3. Dairy, Eggs, Cheese, or Dairy Alternative (fresh, dry, canned, or frozen)

Milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, butter

4. Ready to Eat Dishes, Soups, Fast Food (fresh, dry, canned, or frozen)

Microwavable Meals, Prepared Dishes, Supermarket Meals, Fast Food and Fast Casual Meals.

5. Oils, Sauces, Condiments, Spices (fresh, dry, canned, bottled, or frozen)

Cooking Oils, Vinegars, All Spices, Frozen, Dry, Bottled Condiments, and All Sauces.

6. Confectionary, Candy, Sweet Snacks, Ice Cream, Desserts.

Sweet snacks, Candy, Desserts, Ice Cream, Pastries, and Cookies.

7. Savory Snacks (Chips, Crackers, Nuts)

Packaged and Ready to Eat Snacks.

8. Water (Still and Sparkling)

Flavored Sparkling and Still Water

9. Soft Drinks, Functional Beverages, Juices

All Soda Flavors, Vitamin Water, and Every Type of Vegetable and Fruit Juice

10. Coffee + Tea (Ready to Drink + Dry)

Hot and Cold Coffee, All Coffee Flavors, and Tea Liquid or Dry.

11. Beer

All Beer Types, IPA, Plisner, Lager, Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, Ale, Stout, Bitter, etc.

12. Wine and Champagne

Wine, Sparkling wine, and Champagne.

13. Cider, Low Alcohol, Non-Alcoholic Beer and Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Cider, Low and No Alcoholic Beer and Spirits.

14. Vodka and Gin

Vodka, Alcoholic Spirit Made by Distillation of Rye, Wheat, or Potatoes. Gin a Clear Alcoholic Spirit Distilled From Grain or Malt and Flavored With Juniper Berries.

15. Whiskey, Tequila, Rum, Scotch, Absinthe, Brandi, Liquors

A Spirit Distilled from Malted Grain. Tequila Liquor Made From an Agave. Rum Alcoholic Liquor Distilled from Sugar-Cane Residues or Molasses. Scotch Short for Scotch Whisky. Absinthe a Potent Green Aniseed-Flavoured Liqueur. Brandy a spirit produced by distilling wine.

16. Cannabis, Tobacco, and Vape

Any Product Containing Any Part of The Cannabis Plant, THC, CBD Based Products. Tobacco chewing and cigarettes. Any Electric Device For Cannabis and Tobacco.

17. Personal Care and Clothing (Soaps, Bath and Shower, Hair, Dental, Shaving)

Any Product such as soap, bath, shower, hair, dental and shaving. Retail gift boxes, retail bags, hangtags, fashion retail gift sets.

18. Health Care

Vitamins, Medicines, Optical, Toilet Paper and Tissues, Feminine Hygene

19. Cosmetics and Fragrance

Cosmetics, Personal Fragrance, Make-up, Body Decoration, Tanning Products, Nail Polish.

20. Home, Garden, & Pets

Home cleaning products, candles, garden, and pet food and supplies.

21. Games, Toys, Sports, Recreation

Games, Toys, Gifting, and Sports Products.

22. Technology, Media, Office, and Self Promotion

Books, Office supplies, Art supplies, Paper, Stationary, Computers, Printers, Accessories, Software, Movies, CDS, Entertainment, and Self-promotion Projects.

23. Private Label (all categories)

Retailer Owned Brand. All Private Label Products From All Categories.

24. Luxury (all categories)

All luxury Products From All Categories. Luxury Products are Generally Considered to be Goods at the Highest End of the Market in Terms of Quality and Price.

25. Limited Editions (all categories)

All Limited Edition, or Limited Run, Products From all Categories.

26. Plastic Free (Sustainable Traditional Materials + Biomaterials)

27. Concept (all categories)

Conceptual, Non-Produced Products From all Categories.

28. Multi SKU Product Family

A Packaging Product with Multiple Categories.

29. Student (all categories)

All Student Products From all Categories.