The Dieline Awards 2011 – Electronics, Technology, Movies + CDs: Jawbone ERA Packaging

“The Jawbone Era is the world’s first Bluetooth wireless headset that employs motion-controls, offering an exciting new level of interactivity. The Era packaging, echoes this advanced product technology, creating an entirely new unboxing experience. The Era package begins with a slipcase made of black uncoated paper, with a laser cut pattern that matches the hex perforated pattern on the headset inside. As the case is lifted, the pattern printed under the slipcase interacts with the laser-cut holes, creating a sort of dance. Once the cover is off, the box opens itself; the 4 flaps fall away, exposing the product and messaging in the center. Once opened, the center box can be lifted, exposing the accessories and user manual. The entire experience, from beginning to end, is considered.”

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